Quantitative Finance Interview Preparation Class (0 ECTS)

Niklas Weber


These are casual reoccurring meetings, which are organized by PhD studentd from the Mathematical Finance research group. The goal is to do interactive preparation sessions for interviews as seen in companies in the quantitative finance and tech sector.

The content of the class can be structured in three pillars:

  • Brainteasers and logic problems
  • Coding problems
  • Useful and interesting theory

Note: This class is just an offering from us PhD students to all kinds of students interested in quantitative topics. The participation does not qualify for ECTS.


  • Thursday, 16:00 - 18:00 c.t. in room B251
  • Preliminary dates: 18.04. | 24.04. | 02.05. | 16.05. | 23.05. | 06.06. | 13.06.


The class is organized on www.moodle.lmu.de. There we will upload material and code during the term.