Q&A - Master in Financial and Insurance Mathematics

Q: How is the program structured?

A: see Program Structure

Q: What are the admission requirements?

A: see Admission requirements

Q: I do not have a BSc in Mathematics or Business Mathematics, may I still apply?

A: As per examination regulations, only 180 ECTS BSc degrees in Mathematics or Business Mathematics at German Universities or BSc degrees in comparable international study programs are eligible for an application. However, a university bachelor degree in Statistics, Physics, or similar subjects, which comprises an integrated and profound mathematical education comparable to our BSc study program in Business Mathematics may also fulfill the admission requirements. In contrast, for example, typical BSc study programs in Business Administration or Economics lack a comparably profound mathematical education.

Q: How does the application and enrollment process work?

A: see Application & enrollment

Q: Is there gonna be an orienation phase for master students?

A: see First semester Orientation

Q: Which courses can I take and how could my curriuclum look like?

A: see Examination and study regulations, module handbooks, and example curricula

Q: What is the "Grundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfung” (GOP)?

A: see Basic orientation exam (GOP)

Q: Are there internships or professional experience opportunities within the program?

A: see Internship

Q: How do I plan my master thesis?

A: see Master thesis